The Parallel Effect

As the title of our fan production implies, this is set in a Star Trek based parallel universe. Following is a little history of the "parallel universes" in Star Trek and how our production fits into them.

The first parallel universe revealed in Star Trek was in the Original Series.  In the  classic "Mirror, Mirror" episode, the Enterprise was visiting the Halkans hoping to secure rights to mine their abundant supply of Dilithium.  A severe Ion Storm was approaching so Kirk and the landing party beamed up but some sort of transporter power surge caused them to travel into a parallel universe.  In this alternate reality, Earth's Starfleet did not form the Federation, but the savage Terran Empire.   Their mission was to seek out new life and new civilizations to conquer and enslave.  In this Terran Starfleet, personnel would rise in the ranks by assassinating the person above them or killing the people who could stop them.  This alternate reality is known as the "Mirror Universe" and several later Star Trek series have had episodes set there.  


In the 2009 Star Trek reboot movie, we saw an alternate universe created when history was changed by a time travelling Romulan from 2387 who was bent on revenge against Starfleet, the Federation, and Spock.  This Romulan named Nero traveled in time to 2233 and attacked the USS Kelvin, which was carrying the parents of James T. Kirk.  Commander George Kirk sacrificed his life by crashing the Kelvin into Nero's much more advanced ship while his wife and unborn son, along with other members of his crew, escaped in shuttle crafts.  The destruction of the Kelvin and the death of George Kirk changed the original time line at that point creating an alternate reality universe.   After this, the Original Series was known as the "Prime Timeline Universe" and this reboot movie was known as the "Kelvin Timeline Universe".  


In the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' episode 'Parallels', a shuttle piloted by Worf encountered what Data called a "Quantum Fissure".  The warp engines of the shuttle created a fracture between the "Quantum Realities" causing Worf to "Quantum Shift" into an alternate reality.  Unknown to Worf, when Gordi was near him, the subspace field generated by his visor would cause Worf to shift into another reality.  Data theorized the cause and the solution for Worf's Quantum Shifting.  They had to find the unique "Quantum Signature" of Worf's universe and return him to it.  They used a "Differential Pulse" aimed into the Quantum Fissure to search for the correct reality or "Quantum State".  During the scan, it identified over "Ten Million" Quantum States, that is to say Ten Million Parallel Universes.  This episode established that there was a "Star Trek Multi-Verse" comprised of an infinite number of parallel universe with alternate realities.


What if the Enterprise had actually encountered a "Quantum Fissure" near the Halkan Planet in 'Mirror, Mirror'.  That the Ion Storm along with the Transporter Beam caused a minor fracture in it and "Quantum Shifted" Kirk and the landing party into one of the parallel  "Quantum States" also known as the "Mirror Universe".  

Our story is set in the The Original Series period.  It's been a year since Captain Kirk had his first visit with the Halkans.  Since then, the Federation and the Halkans have come to an agreement about the mining and processing of Dilithium.  Now, a young engineer is leaving the Halkan planet via shuttle to rendezvous with the Enterprise which is in route to his location. Thus begins our story.

'Parallel' focuses on one of the over ten million alternate realities revealed in The Next Generation.   We hope you will join us to truly go where no one has gone before. 

Live long and prosper.

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